Q&A with Bee Daws Puppetry

We caught up with Bee Daws to find out more about her upcoming puppetry show at the Shoebox, The Girl who was Swallowed by a Giant...

Q. What was your inspiration for creating The Girl who was Swallowed by a Giant?

A. The inspiration for the show came from exploring mental health issues and my own experiences. I wanted to tell a story about being consumed by something that feels much bigger than ourselves and how we can try to overcome the challenges that we face.

Q. Why have you chosen to debut the show at the Shoebox Theatre?

The Shoebox is a brilliant space! It hosts some amazing events and really supports local theatre makers. I originally did a residency at the Shoebox to develop the idea for the show and I am so happy to be back to debut it!

Q. What inspired you to follow a career in Puppetry?

From since I can remember, I have always loved puppetry! It offers me such escapism and joy, that I wanted to share this with others by teaching and using puppetry to tell stories. I began running workshops and helping adults and children to use creative ways to express themselves. The fascination with bringing life to inanimate objects still continues to drive my passion for puppetry today!

Q. What is The Girl who was Swallowed by a Giant about?

A. The Girl who was Swallowed by a Giant explores what happens when we forget to open up our past and what’s revealed when we do. It follows one little girl's journey into the unknown and how she overcomes the monsters that she is faced with.

Q. Who should come see your show and why?

I have created the show to appeal to all ages really! Children from the age of 6, Adults and Teenagers! I think theatre is great way to explore our fears and help us to face them - I hope that as well as enjoying a show with puppetry, music and clowning, it will also help audiences to understand and be more open about their mental health.

The Girl who was Swallowed by a Giant is being performed at the Shoebox Theatre on Saturday, 26th of August at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets are £8 for Adults and £5 for children under 14, and can be booked via www.shoeboxtheatre.org.uk/whatson

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