FUSE Festival 2019: Interview with Slackjaw Theatre Company

Over the next couple of days we will be be catching up with some of the participants of this year's FUSE Festival and finding out a bit more about them and their work!

We caught up with Slackjaw Theatre Company - who will be performing their new work-in-progress 'Plunder'...

1. In 3 words describe your theatre company: Absorbing, Playful, Visual.

2. How did you meet?

As drama students at the University of Exeter, a few years later, Izzy needed performers/devisers for a piece she was writing as part of her Masters (which later turned into our first show Smile, You’re On Camera). We really enjoyed working together, and so Slackjaw was born!

3. What was your inspiration for creating this piece of theatre?

On the bus one day Arran turned to Izzy and said ‘what would it be like in a world where you could download knowledge but you had to pay in memory’…(and we thought it would make an interesting show). The more we researched (read: played/watched/read lots of sci fi futuristic games/films/books) and played with the idea, the more we found resonances with the world we currently live in; the difference in equality, class, wealth when it comes to education; the way in which education is becoming more and more about creating young people for the job market; the fact that universities are being run more as businesses…we could go on forever…

4. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

We play with an idea/image/piece of text, Izzy goes away and writes in response, we then play with that, she tweaks and writes some more, we play more with that…it’s a spiral of writing and devising…what is done in workshops and behind the laptop is always a playful conversation.

5. What is your show about?

A dark, futuristic world…an average joe who unwillingly rocks the boat…knowledge as a product…a system with a hidden truth…a flat pack cardboard cutout thriller!

6. Who should come see your show and why?

Anyone who loves visual theatre, cyberpunk, sci fi, black mirror, anyone who likes to come out of the theatre and have a good conversation about what they’ve just seen!

7. What was it about FUSE that made you want to take part?

The opportunity to be part of a festival that supports up and coming artists, to meet and see work from those up and coming artists, to have space to work on a new idea and get it on its feet, to have mentoring from the wonderful folk at the Shoebox.

8. Any words of wisdom for those considering creating their own theatre?

Be adventurous, be creative, don’t be afraid to try things without judgement.

9. What do you hope to do next?

We are heading over to the Exeter Fringe Festival in a few weeks, to get some more feedback on Plunder, after which we are aiming to develop it into a full length show and tour it around the UK. After that, world domination.

10. Where can people find out more about your work?

You can check us out on:

Facebook (Slackjaw Theatre Company)

Twitter (@SlackjawTheatre)

Instagram (@SlackjawTheatre)

Get tickets for 'Plunder' at www.fusefestival.co.uk

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