FUSE Festival 2019: Interview with The Delight Collective

Over the next couple of days we will be be catching up with some of the participants of this year's FUSE Festival and finding out a bit more about them and their work!

We caught up with The Delight Collective - who will be performing their new work-in-progress 'IMOGENÉ: THE IMPROVISED POP CONCERT'...

1. In 3 words describe your theatre company:

Delightful, progressive, cheeky

2. How did you meet?

Through the Bristol Improv Theatre! IMOGENÉ was born whilst Jack Drewry and myself (Imogen Palmer) devised and taught the first ever introduction to improvised singing course at the theatre. We came up with the idea whilst having a few drinks after some of the classes, booked in some scratch nights and it was slowly born from there. Delighted to be continuing to develop the show with Jack Orcozo Morrison who’s come on board this summer.

3. What was your inspiration for creating this piece of theatre?

I was really inspired by a bunch of clowns I saw whilst doing my acting and performing training in Melbourne- Zoe Coombs Marr, Tessa Waters, Neal Portenza, Trgsve Wakenshaw....These phenomenal performers blended with the glory of Beyonce, Kesha and Lady Gaga gave birth to the IMOGENÉ you will see at Fuse.

4. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

My gosh. My background is in improvised theatre and comedy so so much of the show was discovering the character and then letting her loose with an audience to see what she did and keep what worked. Jack and I spent a bunch of days listening to our favorite pop stars and creating our own tracks channeling their glory.

5. What is your show about?

IMOGENÉ would say ‘what is this show NOT about?’ but really it is using a diva clown character to explore themes of identity, sexuality, feminism and consent. All the fun things!

6. Who should come see your show and why?

Anyone who’s ever dreamt of being a pop diva...you’ll see how we all have pop divas inside of us...all the time...just waiting under the surface ready to come out.

7. What was it about FUSE that made you want to take part?

It sounded like an exciting catalyst and catapult for new work! The Shoebox curates really cool shows and I totally wanted to be a part of that.

8. Any words of wisdom for those considering creating their own theatre?

Get a job, which doesn’t tire you out and pays enough for you to have the freedom to create stuff a couple of days a week or in your spare time. Related to your art is great (I tutor speech and drama and work in venue hire at a theatre) but it was really not trying to make money from being a professional performer, which gave me the freedom and flex to make my own work and continue to train.

9. What do you hope to do next?

Keep developing the show! I’m hoping to apply for The Vaults in London, which happens in the new year and also possibly fringes like Brighton or Camden.

10. Where can people find out more about your work?

Alas, The Delight Collective don’t have their own web space yet but you can keep an eye on the Bristol Improv Theatre website for upcoming IMOGENÉ shows and our regular show ‘The Bish Bosh Bash!’

Get tickets for 'IMOGENÉ: THE IMPROVISED POP CONCERT' at www.fusefestival.co.uk

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