FUSE Festival 2019: Interview with Eloina

Over the next couple of days we will be be catching up with some of the participants of this year's FUSE Festival and finding out a bit more about them and their work!

We caught up with Eloina - who will be performing her new work-in-progress 'Fish Don't Bleed'..

1. In 3 words describe yourself

Messy, hairy woman.

2. What led you to create theatre?

The public relationship and resonance you can form with an audience. The fact that we’re all humans in this together, in the world and at the very least, for the duration of the show!

3. What was your inspiration for creating this piece of theatre?

The double take that strangers make when they see hair on my armpit.

4. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

I take mundane, every-day moments and happenings and blow them up into clown-like spectacles on stage.

5. What is your show about?

Fish Don’t Bleed is about what society tells you that you shouldn’t do. Fish Don’t Bleed does exactly that.

6. Who should come see your show and why?

Anybody who feels they may obey the rules of society more than they’d like to in their every-day life. Anybody who feels the urge to create anarchy. Anybody who bleeds. Anybody who sweats. Anybody who grows hair. Anybody who doesn’t care. Anybody who does care and wishes they didn’t. Anybody who loves to laugh. Anybody who loves square dancing.

7. What was it about FUSE that made you want to take part?

FUSE festival is an incredible opportunity for emerging artists to further and nurture their practice and to do so surrounded by other companies and giving audience members.

8. Any words of wisdom for those considering creating their own theatre?

DO. DO. DO. Ask yourself: Why the hell not?

9. What do you hope to do next?

I hope to keep making and responding to the world around me as creatively as possible! I hope to take my work further around the UK and then, to Berlin and New York.

10. Where can people find out more about your work?

Instagram: @eloinaaart

Get tickets for 'Fish Don't Bleed' at www.fusefestival.co.uk

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