Wrong Shoes Theatre Company invites you join Janus

Wrong Shoes Theatre Company will be performing its new immersive show ‘Janus’ at the Shoebox Theatre during the week of Halloween. Taking its inspiration from some of the most notorious cults throughout history, the piece explores cult mentally and the lengths people go to in pursuit of their beliefs and gaining power over others.

The audience will be invited to play the part of new recruits during an annual festival celebrated by a loving community called Janus.

“We knew the that the concept of Janus would have to be believable, so creating this show has been one of our biggest challenges so far. We have essentially had to create a whole new belief system and the community that surrounds it. It’s been a fascinating process, but our research has taken us to some very strange and dark places!” said Luke Marquez, Artistic Director of Wrong Shoes.

Inspired by work such as Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, the piece encourages audience members to explore the action in different rooms, whilst piecing together multiple storylines. The more curious amongst the audience, might find that they can influence the final direction of the show, with the potential of different endings.

“The whole piece is a bit of a theatrical experiment as we wanted to put the fate of our characters in the hands of our audience. We won’t really know how it will pan out until opening night, which will certainly keep our performers and technical team on their toes!”

Described as unsettling and insidious, the piece features physical theatre, stark realism and original music by local composer Gary Bamford.

“Our brief to Gary was seventies synth with a touch of ‘cult’, and what he has developed is truly mind-blowing. We are very lucky to have such talented artists so local to us and cannot wait to showcase his work before we head off on a national tour next year.”

Funded by Arts Council England, Wrong Shoes is the resident professional theatre company at the Shoebox Theatre. They create original works at their base in Swindon to tour all over the country.

Janus will be performed at the Shoebox Theatre from the 29th of October until the 2nd of November at 7pm and 8.30pm. Tickets are £10 and are available from www.joinjanus.co.uk

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