Stage Combat at the Shoebox Theatre


The Shoebox Theatre has teamed up with The Action Emporium and the Academy of Performance Combat to offer masterclasses and Equity recognised exam courses in stage combat at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.​

We offer courses and classes throughout the year in disciplines such as unarmed, single sword, knife, broadsword and stick fighting.

"Tom Jordan is an amazing teacher, his classes are well structured, challenging and great fun! I have learnt so much doing the courses and this has enabled me to approach combat scenes safely and with confidence. I would definately recommend the APC courses to Actors who work or want to work in stage or screen. Stage Combat is a great skill to have!"  

About the course leader

Tom Jordan is a professional Fight Choreographer and Stage Combat Instructor, working across the UK. He is an RSC Associate Practitioner, experienced instructor and Vice Chairman of the APC, and is an associate teacher at Guildford School of Acting. He has taught for Theatre Royal Bath, The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham and St. Davids Hall, Cardiff among many other establishments. He is also the Stage Combat instructor at University of Gloucestershire and runs APC exam courses across the UK.

Next up


Gain an industry and EQUITY recognised qualification with our 3-day stage combat exam course in Sword and Shield!

Total Beginner? Have no fear. This course will provide you with all that you need to perform a gripping armed fight safely and dramatically. Not your first rodeo? This course also caters for those who are looking to continue their training at BASIC level or who are ready to work at INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED levels.

This is an intensive exam course focusing on the art of fighting on stage armed with a broadsword in one hand and a shield strapped to the other - successful completion of this course and the final exam will provide you with an Equity recognised qualification in Sword and Shield combat.

When: When: Friday 17th - Sunday 19th of January 2020, 10am-5.30pm
Cost: £135 per person

Suitable for ages 18+

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