Four women accused of witchcraft are locked together awaiting their sentence in the shadows. Scared and hungry they don’t know who they can trust or who will survive…


Wrong Shoes Theatre Company invites you into a dark and spellbinding world, where those who dare to stand out from the crowd are treated with hatred and suspicion.


Devised from historical accounts of witches from Wiltshire and further afield, The Unbinding explores mob mentality and our insatiable need to punish those who are different. 


An intense performance featuring stark realism, horror, physical theatre and original new music.

The Unbinding is supported using public funding by Arts Council England

WARNING: Contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Including scenes of a sexual nature, nudity, violence, blood and strong language - suitable for ages 16+ only. 

Past Tour Dates

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2nd-11th August 2018

Shoebox Theatre, Swindon

13th July 2018

Volcano Theatre, Swansea

19th May 2018

Etcetera Theatre, London

21st April 2018

Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

5th-6th June 2018

Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford

20th June 2018

The Garage, Norwich

29th June 2018

Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

22nd-23rd June 2018

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Cast and Production

Lillian - Rebecca Martin

Prim - Daniella Faircloth

Ruby - Louise Catherwood

Ivy - Hannah Marquez


Director - Luke Marquez

Composer - Gary Bamford

Costume - Rebecca Martin

Lighting and Sound - Richard Abrams

Masks of Shame and Rood - David Calder and Fleur Calder

Photography - Elmar Rubio

Graphic Design - Lyndsay Tough

Film - Gurch Singh


“The word ‘raw’ springs to mind when reflecting on this production. It retained an admirable and ceaseless authenticity, sparing no detail for the sake of societal comfort. Honest, touching and timeless in its message, watching The Unbinding was certainly a worthwhile and enriching experience.”

Buzz Magazine


“A dark, intense performance will make your heart stop. Creepy, intense and oozing with raw talent.”
Voice Mag
“This was one of the most remarkable striking and uncomfortable productions that I have seen in a long time. Almost every scene packs a punch straight to the gut. It is bold, violent and unashamedly female.”
Broadway Baby

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